Thai Herbal Scent
Thai Herbal Scent
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Thai Herbal Scent | BODY BALM
Body Balm
MS 01001
The balm is formulated from many essential Thai herbs for the use of external pain relief. After the application, the balm gives you fast, warms, comforting relief for joint and muscle pain, stiff muscles and backaches caused by overexertion.
150 Baht
Thai Herbal Scent | Cooling Oil
Cooling Oil
MS 01002
Citrus Cooling Oil is infused with a variety of citrus providing a wonderful aroma during use. It helps to relieve headaches and anxiety. It will leave you feeling refresh and invigorating.
Blend of mental that gives you a cool and fresh sensation on the areas to which it is applied.
450 Baht
Thai Herbal Scent | Herbal Inhaler
Herbal Inhaler
MS 01003
Herbal inhaler medicine made from aromatic herbs is classified as a medicinal herb uaw doe inhalation
anywhere to relieve nausea, dizziness, colds, nasal congestion.
120 Baht
Thai Herbal Scent | YELLOW OIL
Yellow Oil
MS 01004
Yellow Oil is a traditional THai medicine with Chinese origins. It is made from a number medicinal plants, including camphor and different tubers of the ginger family. Massage yellow oil into the skin to help relief muscle aches. Blooming Yellow Oil comes in spray bottle, easy to use, dry quickly, well absorbs into the skin.
350 Baht