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Why become a distributor?

Siam Wellness Lab sells its spa products worldwide through a channel of professional distributors. As a distributor, you are an independent entity. You purchase our products at wholesale rates, which give enough profit margin to sell them to retail stores and chains or directly to the end user. In addition, we can create private label (OEM), based on our wholesale price list, at a minimum order per item.
  • Our products have been applied successfully for over 13 years with proven results.
  • We offer top-quality products at competitive prices, and we ship to anywhere in the world.
  • We are able to supply all quantities and will adapt ourselves to customer needs, thus making a special effort of flexibility to satisfy your needs.
  • The dosage of the mixings can also be especially adapted to match your request . Our prices will give you the best quality-price ratio you can expect!
  • We will provide you with fast service and a variety of marketing tools to support your activities
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